My morning surprise!



Anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a morning person.  I have been working night shift for over 10 years, and thrive at night. However, with chickens and goats, morning activity is a requirement.  Thankfully they don’t care about good hair and fresh breath…

This morning I was enjoying the nice fall-like weather, and overcast morning, that Irma brought us.  I opened The Girls, had finished feeding the babies, and was walking back to the house.  As I walked slowly, enjoying the calm before our busy Monday storm,  I placed my hands in the pockets of my coveralls, and I was quickly snapped back to reality!


In. My. Pocket!!

One of those little buggers took a poo right into my pocket while they cuddled with me this morning!! I guess  they were only helping me out, since I had been wondering how their poop was doing.

So there I stood in my garage, dumping baby goat poo nuggets out of (my husbands) coveralls, laughing!  What a start to the morning . Now to go inside and get my cup of coffee.

Hope you have a great day today, and that you don’t find yourself with a pocket of poo 🙂

A lot has happened…

Welcome to Picalily Farm!

As I start this blog it’s hard not to reflect on where we were a year ago.

But first, let’s quickly go back even further…

My family moved south to NC, from NoVa,  4 years ago, to escape the hustle and bustle of D.C./NoVa life. We had our third child(Poppy) shortly after moving, and life hasn’t slowed down since.

Since moving here, we realized that our oldest daughter, Bean, LOVES animals. To help foster this love we signed her up for a 4H club as soon as we could. This opened our eyes to the world of livestock! We got chickens, she walked cows, and we even entered our chicken, Newton, in the state fair. (not to mention, she won a blue ribbon )


Then, last summer, we lost our beloved father/husband/PawPaw.

His passing has brought our family closer together, and he still remains part of our daily lives and conversation.




So with everything going on, this year we took a break from 4H, but used the opportunity to expand our own family farm. In July, we moved into our new farm. We are a multigenerational family, with Grammie, me, hubby, and the kids. We have a house full of love, chaos, and energy, and that’s just the way we like it.

When we moved to Picalily Farm, we not only moved three generations, but 3 dogs, a cat and 8 chickens. We adopted a barn cat upon moving in, then this past week we added 2 three- week old Nigerian dwarf goats,  Sunny and Maggie

We aren’t finished adding to the family yet, but looking back on the past year, I think we might take a breather for a little bit.

Or not. 🙂